Retro-Hyperlapse Film through Berlin 1996 by Axel Kilian and Max Zeitler

Created for the Department of Architecture, University of the Arts, Berlin, (UdK) in 1996.

AXIS_flyer Axis-The Film Flyer

With Instagram Hyperlapse spatial timelapse films entered the world of smartphones and social media. In 1996 we did the same with an old super 8 camera and 15 steps between each shot.

Imagine a billiard ball rolling through Berlin from west to east. From one green patch to another with an intermezzo in the city. The Palace of the Republic is the only deterrent to its course. AXIS enters a dialogue with the city, is knocked off course and strikes against the former Ministry of Foreign Affairs of East Germany - now demolished. Then it slowly returns to its course and leaves the city.

Every 15 meters an individual photograph is taken 4 meters above ground over a distance of 50 kilometers. The series of pictures presents the city as a cultural conglomeration surround-ed by damp, low-lying forests. Space is snatched up and presented in an altered scale. Berlin in the mud of 2800 pictures - the length is perpetual, each play-rate offers a new layer of information up to the still, a momentary shot of the viewpoint.

Original: 8 mm
transfered to final film: 16 mm
Length: 3 Minutes to perpetual