Rescue Dina Foxx!

First Event of the Award-winning interactive Series Dina Foxx by German broadcaster ZDF. It was (co-)created, co-written and directed by Max Zeitler. It premiered on ZDF in 2011 and turned into Germany’s largest ARG to date.
Short facts:
Case Study
Rescue Dina Foxx! Trailer
Original German Title
Wer rettet Dina Foxx?
53 minutes
Point and Click Adventure
Datenschutzraum (Privacy Room)
Alternate Reality Game (ARG)
14 websites, 20 social media-profiles, 300 minutes video, 25 Audio-clips, additional photos and riddles
Max Zeitler
Creator, Director, Co-Writer (Showrunner)
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When your digital Identity gets out of control…


Life turns into a nightmare for Dina Foxx when she is arrested and accused of murdering her boyfriend Vasco. Only her friends at and the viewers can help her find the truth and prove her innocent.

Rescue Dina Foxx! was an interactive crime-story that took place on TV, internet and reality over the period of 6 weeks in April and Mai 2011 and included germany’s largest alternate reality game to date.

Award Wins:

Banff Rockie Award 2012, Best Cross-Platform Projekt: Fiction Programs
Banff Rockie Gala Awards 2012, Banff World Media Festival BEST INTERACTIVE AWARD
New York Festivals 2012, Gold Medal for Television – Online: Online Entertainment Program
ver.di script award 2012 for Boris Dennulat and Max Zeitler


Prix Europa 2011 (Online Awards)
Grimme-Award 2012 (special achievement in TV-fiction, Milena Bonse & Burkhard Althoff)
SXSW 2012 Film Design Awards Excellence in Title Design (Finalist)